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(810) 328-5225 201 N Riverside Avenue, Unit C3, Saint Clair MI

Family Dentistry in Saint Clair

Family Dentistry in Saint Clair

Trust your family’s dental care to us. Our team of experienced professionals use modern technology and tried-and-true treatments to keep your family smiling. We specialize in treating anxious patients, and we always aim to make your visit with us as calm and relaxed as possible.

Dental Education

Dental education is the key to ensuring your children enjoy a life free from cavities and gum disease. We teach kids how to brush and floss their teeth, and during hygiene appointments we’ll help them with any pointers, such as making sure to brush their molars. We’ll also talk about the importance of eating a healthy diet, choosing tooth-friendly snacks, and avoiding soda and sugary treats..

General Dentistry

Your child should have their first examination when their baby teeth begin to emerge. Bringing them to the dentist at a very young age helps them get used to being in our office and having their teeth examined.

We’ll care for your child’s teeth by keeping them clean and free from plaque and tartar, protecting them from decay with fluoride treatment and sealants, and identifying any problems early so they can be treated.


We can assist seniors and their caregivers with their changing dental needs, including mobility, helping seniors brush and floss, and denture fittings and relining.

For The Kids

We hope you choose us as your family dentist in Saint Clair. Give us a call today.

201 N Riverside Avenue, Unit C3
Saint Clair MI

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